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dvd player

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alright with the moab trip coming up i thought it would be a nice way to kill the time by watching some movies

what do you guys recommend for a dvd player?
should i get an in dash cd/dvd player , portable or i saw this today as well PYLE PLDSV71BK 7-Inch TFT Right Sun visor with Build-in DVD/USB-SD Card Slot (Black)

or we could just bring one of our laptops , get a new cd player with aux input and new speakers
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if you aren't going to be using it very much you might as well just bring the laptop and safe yourself the cash
Save the money and use the laptop. A "good" dvd player is expensive. A buddy bought a pyle and had to warranty it several times. The honored the warranty but it gets to be a pain replacing it. The good CD player with an AUX might be a decent idea though.

The DVD players we have in our vehicles almost never get used, except for showing off. lol
laptop with a dc-dc converter or an inverter to run it/keep it charged.
^^^ that
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