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Dura Trac Tires

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Does anyone uses the Wrangler Dura Trac Tires?
My crappy BF Goodrich Rugged Trail tires are finally done. 32000 miles.
I drive an 05 Nismo Crew Cab. The reviews for the Dura Trac all seem to be very good. I do use the truck mostly on the road but try to go off roading once in a wile. What load range do you use?
Thank you
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just wheeled with 2 guys running them they preformed great on the ice mud and rocks for an AT type tire. for load range just match whats on the truck
Thank you
How about on the road?
both are DD/ weekend wheeling XJs and they loved them, no issues in rain or snow. the bridgestone revo is also a very good tire in that class of good street maners and good off roading.

running threw some very deep mud and ice

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same tires im getting. awesome to hear they perform!!
I put the Dura Trac's on in November and I love em. I don't think they are any louder than the OEM tires when they were new. I rarely spin em when I'm stopped on a wet hill, with the OEM tires I ALWAYS spun out no matter how easy I was on the gas, and if it was raining hard enough I had to put it in 4wd to get going. They work great in the snow also, hardly used 4wd so far this winter with no weight in the bed and I live in the lake effect snow region. They actually work a little too good, if I wanna turn some donuts in a snowy parking lot I have to gun it a lot harder than I want. I got the C load tires and have no complaints. Didn't notice any drop in mpg, might have even gained a little. Just drove 150 miles with a bed full of firewood and didn't have any issues at all. And they look sweet.
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I have em' in 265/75/16 for about 5k. I have had them off road twice, once on the beach for about 5 min and the other on some try trails at a nature park (work related). On road they are fine, seem to howl a little but not bad. Mileage dropped by at least 1 mpg, maybe 2. Look and wear pretty good.
Thank you for the great info. Looks like a good choice for my next tire.
Ive been waiting since mid Oct. for some 285's. Apparently there is some huge back order for 285/75/16. Went to three goodyear dealers to confirm and they all claim the same. Might be a Canada thing?????
Yea, I think they are getting fairly popular.

I did some reasearch on mine and went to Americas Tire to do some inquiry on price match and availability and guess what, they had just gotten a set in stock. Mind readers...

Of course I had to get them. It couldnt have really worked out any better as I sold my stock Long Trails for $300 and the guy met me at Americas Tire and waited around until they dismounted them. Didnt even have to transport tires and got full asking price for my stockers.

It was a good day.
Just got a set on my 07cc last saturday, got the set with install for $680 at gooyear. took it out twice already after some big rain storms and they worked GREAT. Trails were soaked and I didnt lose any traction. helped me keep up with my buddys jeep. noise isnt too bad, i commute 60 miles round trip for school and the little bit of noise is worth the overall gain. im going out again this weekend so i'll take some pictures of them and post them up.
a buddy of mine said he likes his
I've heard great things about them too. The guys on the JK ('07+ Wranglers) forums rave about them.
Hey Guys,

I picked up a set of Ultra Marauder 18x9 25mm offset wheels and 295/65R18 Wrangler Duratrac tires for my 5" lifted 08 Nismo 4x4 from Tire Rack. I had to use the Caster/Camber adjustment to keep the front tires from rubbing when turned. With a little trimming I was even able to retain the mudflaps and airdam. If the wheel offset/back-spacing was any different though I'd have had trouble because it barely misses the front and rear of the wheel wells. Looks great, crawls over everything off road, and the road noise is acceptable. Good wet traction too. You'll like 'em.

I've seen a lot of positive feedback on this tire. I was just admiring a set I saw on an FJ this morning. A lot of people consider this tire a cross between an MT and an AT so if you are looking for a very aggressive AT or mild MT this may be a great option for you.

If anyone is shopping give us a shot. We guarantee the lowest delivered price.
Anyone got some decent mileage on these things? How are they holding up? Hows the grip while wheeling when they are worn a bit?
I've got about 12k miles on mine, had them for almost a year. put them on when i bought the truck cuz the ones that were on it were shot. they seem to be holding up well, haven't wheeled anything crazy, just some sandy areas and trails to the rivers but they seem to be great for traction. they have awesome snow grip, not the best on ice but thats what 4x4 is for. best mileage i've gotten is 18.5 with a stock nismo. probably average 15mpg since owning it (cold winter, lots of idling). they are becoming very popular here in truck country (northern canada) and the shops are saying approx 60,000km tread life. not the best but not bad for the style of tire.
They haven't been out for very long...
doesnt have to be out long to put miles on - i drive 1000km or more per week (600 miles)...some tires turn to shite after only a few thousand its a good question
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