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Dual USB & volt meter

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SO, I have a base CC frontier short bed 6spd. As we all know, USB ports are charging everything these days. I took it upon myself to add a dual port charger in my truck. This is for the guys with a blank above their charging port/cigarette lighter. The gray circle blank pops out,seen below.

I opened my glove box all the way, slid my hand behind that blank and it poped right out.

The white wire is +positive from the cig lighter, which I connect to the red wire from the USB charger. The black is -negative, which I connect to the black wire of the USB charger. Simple to wire up and gets you a slick addition. The link below is where I got the USB charger. I found it was what I wanted and not expensive $9. What I did was just remove the USB from the plate, which is held on by a simple nut.

12V 24V Car Motorcycle LED Dual USB Charger Cigarette Lighter Socket Voltmeter | eBay
I slipped the wires through the hole first, then connected them to the existing cig lighter port. Pushed this USB/Volt meter in, and its so tight it doesnt move. Then I just put the cig lighter back in. Here is a pic of the USB/Volt meter unit

You can see the holes in the rear of the picture where this will fit. It is a direct fit, and is tight.

Finished and slipped in.

Looking at this, I realize its a very brief writeup, so If there are questions feel free to ask. The blank is where the aux input goes with trucks that have the higher line head units. This for me worked out better than I had hoped. With more than 1 person in my car often, this makes charging easy for us all. I may do one in the rear seat further down the road.
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^i saw your thread on that instal, you can buy just the USB charger w/o the round plug
That's how I stumbled across this one. Then I saw some had volt meters and I knew what I wanted. With 2 other power ports, I may modify another
There is 0 drain because this is a switched outlet. When the car is off the outlet is as well
Yes I did drop the lower glove box to reach behind
I will see if I have pics of the backside, I tapped off the power port that is already there, which I think are the wrapped wires that are lower front of your picture
I stripped back the insulation on both wires, one at a time, and wrapped the volt meter wires around them then taped them up. You can use a 3m wire tap also if you like. Some will say to solder the wires, which I may do at some point. I have used both at the same time with out issues.
Nice, it is not very difficult, just take the process slow, and double check. I use it more often than the power port. Any time I have a passenger, its very useful.
The volt meter is small and far enough away as stated. I have had 2 iphones plugged in and a garmin in the power port driving 8hrs with out an issue. Would I run power inverter off of it no.
1 - 9 of 25 Posts
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