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Dual exhaust, side or rear exit

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I am going to Kinney's in Bedford, Texas in a couple of weeks to finally get the exhaust
I have been waiting for since March. Tired of waiting on a catback.

I shall probably go with a single in dual out or dual in dual out system. I have been
trying to decide if I want the exhaust to exit at the rear or at the side.

I always liked the rear exit most of my life, but with my 2000 Frontier XE there was
not enough room to do that. They made a side exit, but they used round angle cut
tips. The tips were turned so that the angle was from front to back instead of from top to bottom. This let the tips run parallel with the side of the truck.

I actually liked it and had quite a few compliments on the way it looked. Does anybody
have any pros or cons of doing it either way? How about a preference as to which
way it is routed?

Thank you,

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What year are you looking for now since you said your 00 had custom already?
The best exhaust would be the nismo one or the CTP one. They do not make the CTPexhaust system anymore but you could get it custom made. Here is the link to it:
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