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DSCHD frontier!

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I was just watching a program on discovery hd "sema:car show" and right at the end for about 3 seconds total they had a "Sony xplode" frontier. Thanks to TiVo I snapped the two pics with my iPhone. The first had the truck burning some rubber and the next was a drive by. Very sick truck never seen it before. Here are the pics sorry for the crappy quality but it's a picture of a picture.

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that truck has had some many lives, that looks like the monster SLR truck
yes i think its one in the same. i caught a look at the drop bracket and it is silver... only one iv seen like that is the SLR kit. Must be the same
what rear axle is in it? is that stock?
what rear axle is in it? is that stock?
The owner is a member on here. Dont know much about the truck. I think his name is lvzfyr or something like that
ya he had the slr drop bracket kit for sale a few weeks ago.
You guys are great, nothing gets by you!

yeah i think he ended up deciding to keep the lift on and and he's having it powdercoated and i think he may have even said something about trying to put a front diff in it (it has been 2wd) and seeing if the front axles will work with the dual shock set up in the front or something like that.
I was watching some backyard renovation show on HGTV last night (yea I know, but I was bored) anyway, the host/general contractor had a Nismo Frontier CC as his work truck.

Funny how anytime these trucks pop up on TV it really catches our attention.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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