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Driving down dirt roads

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I noticed that when I a driving down dirt roads that I can see dust coming in from under the glove box. I had never had this problem with any other truck before. Of course it makes that cab all dirty with dust and it gets annoying after a while. I thought maybe the cabin filter needs replacing but I dont know for sure. Does anyone else have this problems.
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Somethings not right. Air gets sucked into the truck from the cowling right under the windsheild. Behind the GBox is the cabin filter.

Even if you are sucking dust in (like from following soemone else, or coming to an abrute stop), and you didn't have filters the dust would come out the vents. I would check to make sure that the filter box is sealed up properly. Someone could have changed out the filter and not closed up the box right. And you are getting blow by.
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