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06 4x4 CC, T-Swap and a whole bunch of other things..
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I felt the need to give back and make a little DIY to help who ever when servicing the front, rear and transfer case fluids. I’ve finally accrued supplies needed to do this and for peace of mind I felt I needed to because my Fronty(06’ SE CC A/T 4x4) is at 242k(3k of my ownership); This is my DD and I plan on more off-road adventures, mud pit hooning and whatnot. There are probably many threads on this DIY but another won’t hurt right??
let’s begin!
Disclaimer this is at your own risk, please don’t hold me liable for any mistakes made I’m just trying to give a little insight to help even one person. I also am a Technician so I have some resources (tools, lift etc) but can totally be done on jack stands on the ground; because I’d tackle it either way?

Tools used:
14, 12 and 10mm(if removing rear diff cover) socket (any drive or length)
•10 and 14mm hex socket (any drive or length)
•Breaker bar or Grizzly bear strength
•A couple cans of brake cleaner
•something to catch old fluids(catchers mitt lol)

Fluids and capacities:
•Front differential- .90qt(1qt) of 80w-90 or SAE90 (for warmer climates, I had 80w-90).
•Rear differential- 1.70qt(2qt) of 75w-90
•Transfer case- 2.15qtNissan Matic D (or equivalent for autos only, I forgot to look up M/T fluid specs sorry folks).
I started off by wrenching off all the fill plugs(you can service one at a time, to each their own).



After taking those off make sure to keep things organized and out of the way so they’re not lost(front and rear fill plugs are the same transfer case is different).
Next, have your catchers mitt ready, we’re gonna take off the drain plugs and let fluids drain one at a time.
Front diff:


Rear diff:

To my surprise and excitement fluids that came out looked in great condition!! T-case was a little dark but looked normal and didn’t smell burnt.(don’t mind my co-worker haha)
Now.. for myself I wanted to clean up the inside of the rear diff since it sees the most action. You don’t have to, you can just do a drain and fill(drain plug on rearis on the bottom of pumpkin). P.S. don’t forget to clean your drain plugs of metallic gunk!!
Now after you’ve drained fluid get those drain plugs back in, fill till fluid starts overflowing and cap. I didn’t use anything fancy to fill just a few inches of hose that’ll fit over the nipple of the bottle and inside of the fill hole. I didn’t use any fancy transfer pumps although I could’ve; to me wasn’t necessary as there’s enough space. Hope this helps even atleast one person, Aloha!!


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