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Drive shaft to rear diff question

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My drive shaft is huge maybe 4 inches, then there is a short piece with about 1.5 inch diameter that actually connects it to the rear diff, is this normal? See pic.
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It's my understanding that the M226's got the stronger u-joints and the C200's got the weaker CV joints. Also only shortbed crewcab 4x4's and longbed kingcab 4x4's got a 1-piece driveshaft and every other configuration got 2-piece driveshafts.

You can replace the 2 piece with a one piece driveshaft (which is what I'll do when I lift my truck higher) however you would have to sidestep 2 issues. The crossmember that held the carrier bearing would have to be modified or removed cuz it would be in the way of a one-piece. Also there are limits to how long certain diameter steel driveshafts can span without deflection. Your driveshaft maker will have to specifics on that. But in general as the span (length) of a steel driveshaft increases the diameter of the pipe will also have to increase...and hence so will the weight of the driveshaft.

To overcome that issue, the better option is to get a large diameter aluminum driveshaft. It will resist deflection at the larger diameter and will be light as well. Only con there is price...but probably still somewhat competitive with the price of a new 2-piece.
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That definitely goes against what I thought...I'm stumped on that one. Mine is a king cab 4.0 2wd 6 speed and I'm M226 and u-joints on a 2 piece.
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