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hi guys

im stuck in vanuatu, with a fronier, with the d40 engine.

the dpf light is on.. the car has been looked over by 5 different mechanics. one of them changed the dpf setup and it worked good again for 5mins, then it ran poor again.. it takes ages to rev out to say 4000rpm in 2nd gear, e.g. 15seconds with a flat foot.

is there anyway to remove this system or is there anyway to fix it by replacing sensors or how have people solved this problem.

i have done a diagnostics on the ecu.. and it comes up with , 2 long flashes, 10 short, 10 short, 2 short, so unsure what error code that is?

any help would be very much appreciated, this car has been sitting idle since 2006, and has done a mere 11000miles

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