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doug thorley headers

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has any one figured out how to run these headers on the 2nd gen 4 banger and not throw a code?
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spark plug anti fouler acts as a spacer to bring the o2 sensor further out of the exhaust stream
not to shoot you down or anything but, i have looked into that and there is clearance issues. if i were to do that then my o2 sensor would be pressing against my fire wall after i would install a spacer of any sort. i think i have like 1/4" to 1/2" of clearance, and i can see where the o2 sensor has hit the fire wall before.
So i am wondering if there is anything else any one has done, like gone to another o2. . . .
Thanks Nick
has any one figured out how to run these headers on the 2nd gen 4 banger and not throw a code?
Dude you got to read my thread. I just posted it a couple days ago. I just installed my custom intake and DT headers a few weeks ago. After, a couple hundred miles I still don't have a check engine. Some of the 4 bangers guys say it comes on automatically, but then Slytuna said it rarely ever comes on. So when it does you just clear it and it shouldn't come on for a long time. I've been running the headers for a couple weeks now with no code surprisingly. But I also bought a cheap $35 dollar OBDII code reader from costco that I leave in my glove box. About the cheapest one you can find and I know it works cause I used it on another car with a check engine light. It lets you read the codes so you can look them up and allows you to erase them. So Im just reporting that after a couple hundred miles my CEL hasn't come on. And I love my 4 banger now with the headers, CAI, and exhaust. I talked all about it in this thread here.

Now as for the o2 sensor, yah its kind of in a messed up spot. But it clears fine. The wires are kind of pushed up against the metal heat protector thing. So what i did was wrap it with two layers of that black plastic wire protectant stuff that has the slit in it and is on all the wires in the engine bay. It seems find to me. One other note is when installing the headers makes sure to break the o2 sensor connector off and wrap it around the dipstick to keep it further away from the heat of the new headers.

Hope this helps. You should check out the thread i posted.

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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