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Don't buy anything from alpinestars96

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Don't buy anything from alpinestars96 (Joshua Schaefer). I sent him $345 for 4 SE wheels and shipping, he received the money 2 months ago and since that time he never replied to my PM and email. I know now that he is dishonest and that I have lost my money and the reason I post that thread is to warn everybody so he won't steal money from other forum member.
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too late - before he decided to come clean i had already sent multiple faxes to his dealership (90% sure it's the one - landmark chevy) and sent e-mails to the dealer's contact us link.

IMO, it's not 'wrong' to tell everybody that surrounds him that he was a dirty scumbag. whatever his reasons may have been - i have no sympathy for crooks.

his employer, girlfriend, family, friends (i'm sure they all heard by now, there were a few of us on here that went to that length) should know... the outside pressure from those groups will set him straight.

FYI - he only made an effort to 'man up' after we made a cooperative effort to inform people around him - it is documented by the OP that direct contact failed.

*HIGH FIVE* to all of us that made the effort to out him.
Sh*t!! I know he did something wrong. But telling his employer about what he did is wrong. I know the OP may have a family to support. But loosing a couple hundred dollars is different from loosing a job. You have to remember he also may have a family to support and if he loose his job, his family may suffer. I agree he needs a can of whip a**. But at least his trying to man up.

I wouldn't want anybody like that working for me, especially in a situation like an auto dealership where high cost items like parts, tools, etc, are lying around and are liable to be stolen.

It's just good business practice to know you have good workers.

And just think, do you want someone like that working on your truck??
Man I wanted to hear about an a** wuppin.

Oh well, his employer needs to know if he is that type of person. I would suggest calling them and telling them what he did.
why would you do that?
Okay, now we need to lock or close this thread
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