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Does it come off?

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Does the burger on the stock SE wheels come off? I mean, I know the whole ornament cap seperates from the wheel, but once off, does the Nissan ornament come off, or is it permanently on there?

I am having my wheels powder coated, and wanted to have the Nissan emblem on each wheeel chrome still, without having to tape them off. IOW, just remove emblem, powder coat, and put emblem back on.
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They come off. They have built in clips that hold them to the center. I don't think they can PC the center thou since it is plastic. Paint will work but PC will melt it.

Also, which wheels are you PCing? Also, what color PC and what color is the truck?
I have not removed mine but others have and nobody has stated that is was a major pain. Just take your time and you should be good to go. Getting a color match will be hard thou if you are doing anything other then black. Heck, getting a satin match on black may be hard since most cans are flat or gloss and satin isn't always the same across the board.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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