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Does anyone know how the Nissan Navara NP300 & Frontier compare bumperwise?

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Ironman 4x4 Rear Step Bar for the Nissan Navara NP300 looks pretty cool. Has a strong build like a shrockworks with side tubes to protect the bed sides, like the ARB side tubes

I am trying to get pricing, shipped from australia, but i am not sure if it would bolt right on or not.

Anyone have an answer to "will it fit?"
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Lemme give you an idea on shipping, you would have to have it shipped via freight, so you're looking at atleast 4 to 6 weeks shipping time, probably closer to 2 full months, it will be shipped mixed freight to your nearest LTL trucking company. Expect to pay at least $500 in shipping charges, if not more.

As far as will it fit, no, it won't fit. I posed the question, with a link, on the #Navlife Nissan Navarra page on Facebook, it was unanimous it will not fit. The consensus was also it's about $1,500 AUD, about $1,300 USD.

You would be better off finding a fabricator in your area, showing him pics, and have him build it for you, in the end it will be cheaper.
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