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does anyone have sound clips?

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[/b] sound clips of exhuast? i have a gibson stainless on my 05 toyota x-runner and it was alright, hardly much of a differance in performance sound and power, but ive heard from others you can hear and feel a bti mroe out of the magnaflow and banks monster exhaust .... so i was curious if anyone has sound clips or dyno sheets .. thanks, im so anxious to get one i just wanna spend $500 on the right one ya know? haha
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I don't have a sound clip, but I can tell you from first hand experience the Banks is louder than the gibson! I had the gibson on my 99 F-150, and it wasn't loud at all, the Banks I installed on my Frontier is a good bit louder, so if you're looking for a system you'll know is there, the Banks system will work for you. I have no experience with the other brands though.!
I have to agree! I can't say I've noticed much difference in my truck after installing the Banks Exhaust, and I have to access to a Dyno, so as far as I'm concerned if there is any change it's pretty minimal. On Banks behalf, I didn't see anywhere on their site where they were making any claims of increased HP, just increases in exhaust flow rates! Being as the construction is pretty much identical to the Gibson (with the exception of a louder muffler), so I would expect the gains to be very similar to what Reverendbiker got after his Gibson install.
Okay, I'm going to try and upload a couple sound clips of my Banks Exhaust:


Accelerating: [/url]
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