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does anyone have sound clips?

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[/b] sound clips of exhuast? i have a gibson stainless on my 05 toyota x-runner and it was alright, hardly much of a differance in performance sound and power, but ive heard from others you can hear and feel a bti mroe out of the magnaflow and banks monster exhaust .... so i was curious if anyone has sound clips or dyno sheets .. thanks, im so anxious to get one i just wanna spend $500 on the right one ya know? haha
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i hate to bring back old topics but i'm thinking about getting the banks and was wondering if 05_NISMO_4X4 could repost the sound clips since they no longer work. i see a couple other poeple have purchased this system so if you wanna put up some clips that would be great. or if you wanna post some clips of a different system that would be cool too. thanks in advance.
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