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Do this or get stuck....

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I was putting on a set of longer leaf shackles on the rear. As many of you know, it's helpful to drop the spare tire out of the way. Unfortunately, the mechanism that lowers the spare was pretty rusted. A few good shots with a hammer to loosen the rust, PB Blaster sprayed on top of the winding nut, and leaving it overnight finally got it to break loose. It was frustrating enough in my driveway. Can't imagine how pissed I'd be if I was actually in the middle of nowhere with a flat! I suggest that every 1st gen owner makes sure that they don't have the same problem. It's probably a good idea to lower the spare and give it a shot of PB or WD40 at least once a year.
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Then there are those times (such as was the case for me) when it's not rust that stops it from working but a tweaked rear bumper. For the life of me no matter how much I greased the bumper, I couldn't get the spare to lower.
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