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Do not order anything from

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I placed an order with on June 23rd for a subwoofer and amp. On June 24th I was told that my shipping address and the address on my credit card were different so they were going to have to check with my bank to make sure it was alright to ship it there. The addresses were the same. I called and talked to the lady, who was very rude, and she said "Oops. My fault. I will fix it and send you an email when it is shipping."

No email for a week. I called again. Same rude woman answered. She said "The subwoofer you ordered is out of stock, would you like to change to another subwoofer? I meant to email you about it but it slipped my mind." I found another subwoofer, against my better judgement, and called her back and waited on the phone until she sent the email to me.

I was told the items would ship Friday and I would receive a tracking number Friday. No email, once again. I called back today and she said "I meant to call you Friday but I got busy and forgot. Everything else came in but the subwoofer you wanted. It should be here Friday and I will email you a shipping number." I told her to cancel my order and her response was "Why?" Probably because two weeks in a row I was told that they would ship out Friday and the only time I heard from them was when I called.

This woman answered the phone every time I called, which leads me to believe she is the only one working the phones at this place. Every time I called she acted like I was stupid for calling and that I was rushing them to get me the stuff. When I told her I was tired of hearing that it would probably be in on the next Friday, she said "Well I can't help what we have in stock. It's not my fault the stuff you ordered isn't popular and we don't keep it in the warehouse." Ugh.

Sorry for the rant. I just feel like slapping that bish.
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This is why I always do a search on companies before I order (lesser known ones, anyway).

Ikesound - - Reviews, Ratings and Prices at ResellerRatings

Their ebay feedback however, seems fantastic.
eBay Feedback Profile for scala1
I read some reviews on other forums and everything was positive. I did not see that page, though. I wish I had now.
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