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Do I have the clunk?

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Hi all I've been reading about the clunk in the rear end that results in a new rear end on warranty.

My truck does it sometimes when going from P to D or R to D and back and forth. It is the MOST evident and severe when coasting between 40 km/h and roughly 70km/h and releasing and depressing the gas pedal gives a good clunk and a shake throughout the entire truck. If I turn O/D off it pretty well ceases. ( a tip i read somewheres else )

I've had it in to be looked at. They said there was a service bulletin for this issue where they re programmed the ECU. Crazy solution i know...

Anyhow this seemed to help slightly, but its still there.

Another thing it does but I don't think its related is when doing a quick, D to R then back to D, it feels like something is jamming or the breaks are sticking. When i goto give it gas its like the truck is stuck , the engine lugs but the truck doesn't move. After a few seconds it lets go and the truck moves.

The truck is a 2008 K/C Nismo Edition, 34000 Km.
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I just replaced my rear u-joints (third time, 104k) with real, grease-able ones this time. I still have the "clunk" from the rear.
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