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Do I have the clunk?

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Hi all I've been reading about the clunk in the rear end that results in a new rear end on warranty.

My truck does it sometimes when going from P to D or R to D and back and forth. It is the MOST evident and severe when coasting between 40 km/h and roughly 70km/h and releasing and depressing the gas pedal gives a good clunk and a shake throughout the entire truck. If I turn O/D off it pretty well ceases. ( a tip i read somewheres else )

I've had it in to be looked at. They said there was a service bulletin for this issue where they re programmed the ECU. Crazy solution i know...

Anyhow this seemed to help slightly, but its still there.

Another thing it does but I don't think its related is when doing a quick, D to R then back to D, it feels like something is jamming or the breaks are sticking. When i goto give it gas its like the truck is stuck , the engine lugs but the truck doesn't move. After a few seconds it lets go and the truck moves.

The truck is a 2008 K/C Nismo Edition, 34000 Km.
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All same exact issues(or normal function) here with my 05 nismo crewcab 4x4

I just drive, deal with it, carry on :) ...

Maybe there really is something wrong with it, regardless, it functions perfectly. Could be the horrible u-joints nissan puts on these trucks, could be the dreaded differential clunk, could be the electronic lockup torque converter, could be shi* in the bed of your truck rolling back and forth that you've been meaning to get out of there for months. who knows :D

But, really, in your case, at your mileage, you could have crapped out u-joints... you're under warranty, tell them to change everything they can, may as well! Differential, u-joints, ECU reprogramming, front differential, front u-joints, hell... transmission, .. hmm :)

In my case, truck works perfectly, those slacky drivetrain feelings at low highway speeds I don't even notice anymore, the clink when changing auto tranny positions.. don't even think about it at all. Now as I think about it, my rodeo has all the same issues, eventually got use to them, just over time and 130k miles later, maybe they're not problems at all.

I think any auto transmission ECU controlled is going to have some lag problems when going from park/r/d quickly and maybe get confused between driving positions sometimes. Mine does this too on occasion.. I just give it a good couple seconds with my foot on the brake when forward and reversing or trying to get unstuck, just give it a good amount of brake just before and during changing of gears in tight situations to prevent any hangups. My rodeo does this sometimes, .. reverse, drive, reverse, drive (23,123 point turn).... and...... acting like it's in neutral... and... oh... ohh.. wait for it... OH andd.. there it goes!
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