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DNI Unlimited Meet - Columbia, SC - Aug 7th

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Hey there everyone! Well the last meet was a huge success, so we're going to do it again, but even bigger this time! I can honestly say I had a blast this past weekend, and was happy to see all the types of cars that made it out, from the Ferrari F430, down to each and every Z/G that showed!

The next meet will be Saturday August 7th, at 6pm again, BUT myself and I'm sure a few others will be back out there even earlier again. What's the Goal? Well just to hang out with everyone for a little while, check out everyones respectable rides, and then head to Wild Wing Cafe for some food, beer and wings! Reasonably priced food for people like me =D

Who's coming? Who's invited? Exactly like last time, and it will remain the same each and every meet from here on out! As much as the meet will be mainly geared towards Z and G owners, we want all car enthusiasts to come out and join in the on the fun. With that said, if if you have some friends who want to bring their civic out and rev their engine and burn their tires, tell them to take it somewhere else. This won't be a pissing contest, just a friendly hang out, so keep the engine revving and donnuts to a non existant amount ♥

Pass the word to all your friends and let them know. If anyone needs or wants more info, feel free to message me on here, or call or text me at 803 397 1926.

Post this Thread and info on all the forums you are registered on, so we can make sure we keep letting people know.

Hope to see you all soon.


had a great time at the meet this past weekend, here's the follow up, BE THERE!!
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anyone? dan? .............bueller? there will be some of the Xterra Club guys there so come join us!
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