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DIY utili-track bike rack

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Finished my mounts to fit the rail system to mount my DIY bike rack. One side is fixed, the other side is slotted. Stick in the fixed side, slide the other side into the tracks. Then tighten everything down.

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You could use channel steel, AKA Uni-Strut, Kindorf. Just get appropriate hardware.
Yep. I also have access to t slot aluminum extrusion stock that I could have used. The 2x4 rack I have been using for over 10 years with no issues. It was made to fit in the slots in the drop in bed liner in my old Colorado. Might as well use what I have. The mounting plates were machined on the HAAS in our shop.
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It also depends on how far fwd your bike components go. The quick release mount on the front rail would cause interference with things like handle bars hitting the rear window.
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