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In an effort to clean up this section, we will be posting links to "sticky worthy" threads in here. Just click on the link to the DIY project that interests you and you will be taken to the actual thread. If you see threads that should be included in this sticky, please PM a mod with a link and why you feel it should be added.

shinermiller's Changing Automatic Transmission Fluid in a 2nd Gen

shinermiller's Changing Differential and Transfer Case Fluid in a 2nd Gen

HarshReality001's Changing the Oil in your 2nd Gen

Nismo54's Trip Computer Test Function

shinermiller's How to change spark plugs in a 2nd Gen

PCV Valve Replacement - 2005+ VQ40DE

Advan's Water Pump Replacement Thread

Inyourface1650's Replacing a Fuel Sending Unit in your D40

HarshReality001's guide to changing the alternator in your 2nd Gen

Donahue57's Belt Tensioner Replacement Guide

codemaster01's Charcoal Canister Solenoid Valve Fix (Code P0455)

Zero Six LE's Automatic Transmission/ Radiator Bypass and/or ffips's Automatic Transmission/ Radiator Bypass

DIY Axle Seals/Bearings - M226

cd85233's How To Change a Window Motor and Regulator

Snowdrop's Replacement of the Spiral Cable (Clock Spring)

JeniorNV's How to Pull Code for SES Light/CEL without Code Reader (2nd gens)

JeniorNV's How to Replace or Check the Blower Motor

JeniorNV's How to Replace or Check Front Body Mounts

Advan's DIY Radiator Replacement

Shinjari's PRG Spacer and Deaver AAL install guide

tha_reids' 2" body lift install guide

chinaman's How to Paint Wheels

frontpagenews' UCA Bump Stops install guide

How To-Replace Up-Armored Humvee Shocks and Springs

stevet47's Rebuilding your Leaf Springs guide (also gains you 4" of lift)

badbrad358's 2nd Gen Rear Axle Vent Mod

Jagger's Nismo e-Locker Mod

M226 Diff Lock Override

fox294's Comprehensive Front Lift Installation Instructions for 2005+ Frontiers

dan826's Titan Swap How-to Video

steve396's JBA header install guide

shinermiller's NISMO 350z thermostat swap

CanadianEH's 2nd Gen Hitch install guide

steve47's Converting Hella 500s to HID

dcobb's Dual Halo Projector LED Headlights

EB_05_Nismo's Hitch plug relocated to bumper guide

TysonCook's Utilitrack with Unistrut - D.I.Y.

begleysm's Strut Channel Install Guide (Homemade Utilitrack)

DeathByStereo's Homemade Utilitrack Tie-Down Points

Mylt1's fog light by-pass mod

Grill Removal step by step (05-08)

collinsz'sThule Roof Rack Install

CraneWR's Inverter under the Front Seat

delman's Cruise Control install guide

Gentex 50-GENK2A Auto Dimming Mirror Install with Lots of Pics (56K WARNING!!!!)

glamisdude's Comprehensive Audio DIY Research/Install Guide

glamisdude's HOW TO: Eliminate King Cab Door Rattle

Programming a key FOB to your truck by Jack

Reset TPMS Warning By Yourself - IT WORKS!!!

DIY Utilitrack

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
Not open for further replies.