Home built Frontier topper for sale. I’ve enjoyed this but am working on new setup. This was built for 2022 SB, but I am sure it would fit on previous years Frontiers. Figured I would post it here before going to Craigslist.


-2x3 framing

-Sheeted with 1/4“ plywood

-Held on to the box rails with four c-clamps

-Wrapped in non-woven geotextile and a reinforced polypropylene membrane

-Fully lockable without keys. Interior locks that you can engage once unlocking and opening the tailgate

-Roof rack consisting of Thule load bars and a home built flat rack running the full length. All bolted together and secured to the framing of the topper

-Hi-lift Jack mount can be included (hi-lift not included)

-6’4” x 8’ awning off the passenger side. Amazon version. Not the burliest but it has served me well. The awning has a slight bend in the rear truck side framing from a wind incident but it doesn’t affect functionality. I also added some Gorilla tape to two spots on the awning close to the truck. These were wearing but not torn through

-Interior side racks (shovel/tools not included)

-Bear mouth bottle opener on passenger side rear

The rear door is fully functional but I was never really happy with how it turned out. I had planned to make a new door but never got around to it.

Hard to price something like this but I think $600 is a fair deal considering all that’s included.

Located on Long Island NY. I also regularly drive to Pittsburg for work and will be there next week so delivery anywhere in between could be arranged.

Let me know if you want any particular pictures or details. Thanks
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