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DIY: EVAP can Filter for those pesky CEL lights caused by dirt roads.

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So I had a buddy gift me a Evap can filter mod for xmas. this mod is to prevent the CEL of the EVAP can to come on from the EVAP can getting clogged with dirt water and dust. After reading a few DIY of others doing it there was a clear sense on the purpose and where to take the filter. in the past the factory terminated the open end of the EVAP can into the frame rails. then they later put a filter on it and terminated it in the frame again. none seemed to work.

I own a 2016 Pro4x and started this mod. Looking at the EVAP can on the 16 they terminated the end of the tube up to the gas filler tube in the wheel well. no filter just a plastic ring that surrounds the wheel well side of the gas filling tube right behind where you fill the gas. after some squandering decided to cut the tube off at the bed frame. ran a fuel hose to the rear drivers side tail light following the electrical harness for the bumper. I cant remember the hose sizes right now. but have attached photos of the elbow that was put in at the frame. then the rear tail light with the filter.

Hope this helps



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