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Let me start off by stating that I built this with parts I had on hand. You can build or buy a better one but this seems pretty solid and works for me.
I have a friend that is building a 2000 TJ and bought a swing out tire carrier so his OEM spare mount was up for grabs. The stock TJ studs are for a differnet bolt pattern
and I didn't have nuts for them anyway so I cut them off. I had a pair of wheel spacers that are not in use so I drilled and bolted one to the TJ piece.
I found some 3ft perf steel bars in the corner of my garage no doubt left over from some other project. They seem plenty strong enough for the base mount and the holes allow
for bungie attach points if needed later. I bolted it all together and put a quickie paint job on it. I thought about setting it at an angle for looks but keeping it flat
still allows me to put my bakflip down. All in all I am happy with it.


1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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