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I just finished re-doing my front suspension. In the process I misunderstood the FSM directions which said to remove the lower pinch bolt on the lower steering shaft in order to get the driver side UCA's rear bolt out and I took out the upper bolt. Same as what @ArtofSS did in his Titan Swap Suspension (see point no. 2 in this thread).

I didn't notice either end move when I disconnected them, but doing the work I moved the steering gear quite a bit. The steering wheel was clocked to about 2 o'clock when I disconnected and the wheels were pointed in about that direction - I straightened up the wheels and the steering wheel and remade the connection. I haven't reconnected my battery or tried turning the steering wheel much yet, but I noticed that my steering wheel now locks at about the 2 and 10 o'clock positions.

How can I check that things are aligned right before I break my clock spring?
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