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I have had a P0135 code on my 2001 1st Gen for about two years now. This code signals a bad heater wire in the precat 02 sensor. I have replaced the sensor twice even using the overpriced factory sensor to no avail. It went off for a while but came back on. I am so tired of looking at the check engine light I thought about disabling it. What are your opinions of this move and how should I do it. Remove a bulb, cut a wire, fuse, ???? Never had any other problems with it.
well first off go to and find your manual. it is there i just checked. this will tell you everything you need to know about what is potentially happening.

also, if its a signal/voltage issue, then its either and open or a short. you could start back probing the wires and or checking for continuity to see if there is an increase in resistance somewhere. from my readings i am to believe that the connections need to be sealed and kept absolutely clean as possible.

my 2004 manual that i have referenced for your problems state this. "check connection for short or open..."

your 2001 may be slightly different and may have you do that and possibly more like look for an exhaust leak or faulty fuel injection for example.

the above is by no means advice to check your fuel injectors. THE point of this post was to tell you if you are seriously interested in having the knowledge the dealer has, then download the manual for free.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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