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Dirt time in Napa - BLM Knoxville

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Hi everyone,
I have some new gears and lockers on the rig. I would like to get some dirt time soon. I was looking around the google map and the BLM lands in Napa interested me. I drove through from lake county on the moto some years past and made several water crossings before arriving at the north end of Lake Berryessa.

There is a campground, Hunter creek camp, at the BLM Knoxville Recreation area. Shooting has been prohibited awhile ago in the area. I would like to check it out. Wanna go? I found this nice little map.

post up.

Wheel on! - ::smile::


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Dirt time - BLM - Napa Knoxville - HAM operators

Option is open to discussion. Day trip would be an early bird start depending on your start point. we could rally Solano community College in Fairfield near dawn for the trek to the north end of lake berryessa.

Solano Community College
4000 Suisun Valley Rd, Fairfield, CA 94534

Global Positioning System (GPS) coordinates are not uniform which is unfortunate as a standard would allow many to communicate on the same page as it were. (38.2342° N, 122.1219° W)

There is a large parking lot at the campus - Obvious with all the Nissan trucks and Exterras that would show up. Estimated Time of Departure - ETD 08:00. kick the tire and light the fires!

There is an event for Ham radio operators through Meetup - "land ops 4x4" later this year. it is also a scavenger hunt or geo caching event I think. Off Road Club | Land Ops 4x4 Navigation and Ham Radio

SO- is this a Go or No-go? Please advise. proper planning and provisions would be a requirement.

Wheel on!
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to the land down under --- Knoxville BLM Awaits.

great news - that's a great opportunity Enjoi408! they have navaras down there near the Kiwis.. some great mountains- can you container the truck and import it there?
Fall trip October 2017

the temperatures will be warm for a while longer, at least until middle October. Is there interest to check out this area before it is a muddin' course?
will do- I would like to see that the community college parking lot in fairfield is a good rally point for those in the north bay and the big valley region.

a lot of crickets out here so far.

29 October 2017 - 0700

a lot has happened in the last week. I would like to explore the OHV after the fire. There is a lot of devastation to many families and good peoples lives. the road north may be closed. to be advised - see chp/ county sherif/ etc.

the rains may fall on this day. it could be adverse conditions or glimmer of good days ahead. plan accordingly.

this is a day trip that could be killed before it starts.

Meet 07:00 - departure is estimated by 0730 - fuel up and be ready for what ever...

forward into the future..

Hmm. fall is here. some cool days and short daylight. the apocalyptic landscape could be interesting to see..
This OHV park is calling for a visit. Winter begins on the 21st.
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Day Trip - 30 Jun18 0800

Meet solano community college parking lot at entrance - depart 08:00.

pack a lunch and an adventurous attitude.

comms - CB ch 14.

hot weather in forecast

the weather service forecasted for Knoxville is 104 degree's! whew, that is some heat -

Carry an ample supply of water and keep cool as best you can. These truck s have a great air conditioning system - boo yeah. no open cab jeep action.


Knoxville field report -

Unfortunate solo trip - no takers at rally point.

It was an opportunity for exploration and evaluation. The ethos of "Leave no trace" and " Pack it in and Pack it out." are a reminder that you will not have these opportunities for future generations if this attitude does not take hold.

I was disappointed with the campsite. Trash. Lots of it.

Those of you that have built your rig for pre-running with good cycle times for suspensions can have some fun. The park has graded roads through out. Some wash boarding and loose gravel spots. I opened up the throttle a little after idling through first runs.

Cellular service spotty at high points - ridge line.

many Locked gates.

CORVA involvement would be beneficial for our pursuit.

Wheel On!


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