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Dirt time in Napa - BLM Knoxville

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Hi everyone,
I have some new gears and lockers on the rig. I would like to get some dirt time soon. I was looking around the google map and the BLM lands in Napa interested me. I drove through from lake county on the moto some years past and made several water crossings before arriving at the north end of Lake Berryessa.

There is a campground, Hunter creek camp, at the BLM Knoxville Recreation area. Shooting has been prohibited awhile ago in the area. I would like to check it out. Wanna go? I found this nice little map.

post up.

Wheel on! - ::smile::


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I had sub'd to this thread a while back waiting to see if dates got posted, but with my medical situation being what it is there's no chance of me being able to to commit to anything before mid-October. If you go, please post pics. :)
Did you ever make it out here? Sorry I was unable to wasn't for lack of interest. Maybe next year?
1 - 2 of 16 Posts
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