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Dirt time in Napa - BLM Knoxville

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Hi everyone,
I have some new gears and lockers on the rig. I would like to get some dirt time soon. I was looking around the google map and the BLM lands in Napa interested me. I drove through from lake county on the moto some years past and made several water crossings before arriving at the north end of Lake Berryessa.

There is a campground, Hunter creek camp, at the BLM Knoxville Recreation area. Shooting has been prohibited awhile ago in the area. I would like to check it out. Wanna go? I found this nice little map.

post up.

Wheel on! - ::smile::


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I'm probably going to have to back off on wheeling. I just got my visa approved for New Zealand and will be moving in Oct. So all mods and expenses for the truck will come to a halt. I hate to say it but the truck will have to endure the dreadful "For Sale" sign..... :(
1 - 2 of 16 Posts
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