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So, I did a thing. I couldn't resist the thing. So I did the thing. Now, ordinarily I am not one to make a post about the thing, and to say "bye, cause I did the thing!" but because I have some parts now sitting around...I thought I would see if anyone is interested in the things that came from the things after I did the thing.

All prices are +shipping or local pickup. (Twin Cities area of Minnesota)

KC HiLiTES 640 Pro-Sport 6" 35w HID (x2) $75
KC HiLiTES 1490 Rally 400 4" with H3 LED bulbs (x2) $20
OEM Under seat storage box with clips and net ($20)
Nilight 12" LED bar ($10)
4WDKING 10" LED bar ($30)

This stuff will be posted in multiple places and please note the heavy stuff will be expensive to ship...and shipping is on you. Everything works fine, just obviously have no need for it. I may reuse some of it if it doesn't sell (lights, winch, etc) so I am not looking to really haggle, if it doesn't sell I will find a use for it, but...I figured I would offer it up. Thanks guys! I will update the post as things go!

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