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I have a 2010 crew cab with the RF system. I still have the stock RF sub and the rear speakers and tweeters running from the stock amp and head unit. I installed components up front and a new sub under the back seat that run off a 4 channel amp located under the rear seat. I have had this setup running for well over a year without problems. Recently, the components and new rear sub will stop working. The stock speakers continue working. Sometimes there will be a static sound for a second or two (e.g. like a loose wire). Happens with different sources (cd, radio, bluetooth) and with different volumes, even low. I checked all the connections at the amp and tightened them up. They all look good. It's still happening. So, I'm thinking it could be a connection at the head unit. Just wanted to get some input from people with more knowledge so I check everything. Could it be the amp ground (I haven't checked that) or maybe loose at the battery?

Thanks for the input.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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