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Just in from the Annual Old Retired Fellows Extreme Desert Camping League and Mule Deer Pursuit Society in Southern New Mexico's GMA 29. Camp was 40 miles from a cell signal with some seriously dusty roads. Mostly rough and rocky dirt roads but LOTS of those. Series E Nitto tires and Bilstein's all round with Firestone Ride-Rite air bags handled the roads just fine either slow crawling or 60 MPH on the graded NM Road 506. The pavement ends about 750 miles from my driveway on Baffin Bay South Texas with almost 400 on the Interstate 10 International Speedway where the speed limit is 80 and I set the cruise on 85. Average of 16.6 MPG from Kerrville to Van Horn which isn't bad for 85 with 55 pound tires. Burned Premium the whole way as I'm trying to get my Exxon Stock back a little. No animals were harmed on this expedition with the exception of a couple blue quail which was fine with me as it was a little too warm and dusty for meat handling. Spent more time looking for points and agave roasting pits actually. This is the 4th run for the 2014 to this spot and it turned 75K in the process. All purpose truck!
road goes on forever.JPG
Shade Free Camp.JPG
hill evening.JPG
Some Dust.JPG
Southbound New Mexico 506.JPG
vanishing point.JPG
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