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Defective Chrome Grill Trim

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Well the other day I was washing my LE and noticed a rock chip on the Chrome trim surrounding the grill. Anyways the chip is acceptable but now the chrome (coating) is bubbling and looks like S#!t. Went to the dealership and they said "oh thats what happens" and I'm like "NO" the bubbling looks like a defect in the way the chrome coating was sprayed on the plastic grill. So anyways the service manager tells me to go get some clear epoxy or nail polish and seal the chip so no water or air gets in crack and it bubbles more. Maybe I'm being Anal about this but I said "NO" you fix it as it is clearly a defect and my truck only has 6500km (4100miles) on it. I was hoping for A replacement trim peice but they said no. I took pics so I have evidence to prove the before and after pics.

Anyone else experience chrome chipping or pealing off?
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Re: Chipping

OkieScot said:
. like the old saying goes, "they don't build
them like they used to".

Ain't that the truth. I guess with better gas mileage, lighter vehicles, more HP, they had to resort to Plastic but it sure sucks for durability and strength. arrrghhh :x
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