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Dealership Fail!

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so i was driving down us1 the other day and was eyeballing the new silverados at our chevy. well in the used lost i saw a frontier with a sticker on the bed so i stopped to look. Well the pictures below say it all, but another dealership trying to fake some poor guy out... awful nice rims for a "street edition"

if u notice in the first pic, there is a real frontier in the reflection ;)

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Interesting. I wonder who made those stickers hmmm... the dealership or the previous owner..
Ya, i know that truck. I'm running some of his parts. lol. That was my first thought...someone got the idea from him. I've never seen them on any other truck until now. The stickers might fit a bit better if it was a Nismo 4x2, but it's a little sketchy when a dealer is selling it... especially if they are letting customers think the truck is something special.

Nice find HunterFL
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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