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Dealership Fail!

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so i was driving down us1 the other day and was eyeballing the new silverados at our chevy. well in the used lost i saw a frontier with a sticker on the bed so i stopped to look. Well the pictures below say it all, but another dealership trying to fake some poor guy out... awful nice rims for a "street edition"

if u notice in the first pic, there is a real frontier in the reflection ;)

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What the hell is Pro 2x anyway offroad guys? But if anyone is smart enough to buy a XE with these Pro 2x stickers and those wheels let them. It's just like when a dealership sold me a Hardbody XE with SE wheels labeled as a Frontier. I got it for dirt cheap is the only reason I followed through with it, 5000 when they were asking 8000.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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