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Dealer didn't change my oil filter? VQ40

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OK- so I just did my 2nd oil change at 6500 miles. The first one, at 3000 miles- I took advantage of a free one by the dealer where I bought my truck, and provided the Mobil 1 5w-30 myself.

2 suspicious things:
1- I provided the dealer w/ a 5 quart bottle and a ~2 quart left bottle, the 2 quarts I found to be untouched afterwards. (Granted, even with a filter today I found 5 quarts was fine- 1/2 way up dip stick, didnt need much topping).
2- The filter I had to take off today for my 2nd change was a real bi*ch and had the japanese writing on it and pn 15208-31U0D , which I've read is a factory filter only. From a different dealer I was provided with a 15208-31U00 that I used today. It was identical to the 31U0D.

So- did the dealer change my filter the first time? I'm calling tomorrow to see if they stock the 31U0D filter. If not I'm calling B.S. on them.
Thoughts? :thatswck:
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Food for thought...... Changing oil, filter and sparkplugs is very mundane and way below any qualified mechanic. So the only people doing it at the dealerships are the newbies, the ones fresh out of school or part timers or (you will laugh at this one but its true) the kids when it is take your kid to work day. Case in point I had a friend take his new ride in for its first service and he gets it back with the oil filter on so tight the outer case had a crease in it and the kicker, his new engine block with 3k Km's on it #3 cylinder with a heli-coil because the brain dead idiot cross threaded the spark plug with an impact gun. Moral of the story is do it yourself because you are the only one who will care that it is done right.
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