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Dealer didn't change my oil filter? VQ40

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OK- so I just did my 2nd oil change at 6500 miles. The first one, at 3000 miles- I took advantage of a free one by the dealer where I bought my truck, and provided the Mobil 1 5w-30 myself.

2 suspicious things:
1- I provided the dealer w/ a 5 quart bottle and a ~2 quart left bottle, the 2 quarts I found to be untouched afterwards. (Granted, even with a filter today I found 5 quarts was fine- 1/2 way up dip stick, didnt need much topping).
2- The filter I had to take off today for my 2nd change was a real bi*ch and had the japanese writing on it and pn 15208-31U0D , which I've read is a factory filter only. From a different dealer I was provided with a 15208-31U00 that I used today. It was identical to the 31U0D.

So- did the dealer change my filter the first time? I'm calling tomorrow to see if they stock the 31U0D filter. If not I'm calling B.S. on them.
Thoughts? :thatswck:
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Guys/Gals, if you can crawl and own a cheap set of metric wrenches, filter wrench and a catch can, you can easily avoid this behavior by stealerships and every having doubts about the quality of work done on your rides. I have ramps, but can easily change the oil in a matter of 20 or so minutes and then take the old oil to an auto-parts store and donate it to them for free. Total cost: price of old shirts/oil/filter/cheap harbor freight tools and a nice spill proof can. WAY cheaper than what the stealership charges. :)

I have a bag of copper crush washers, but am still running on my OEM one. If you have questions on what and how to do the changes, post them up. For those not sure what (reasonable) torque to use on installing the oil pan plug, you can purchase a cheap torque wrench for less than 30 smackers and do it to spec.
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well sure- I'm an engineer and I've rebuilt entire engines and transmissions... but sometimes convenience is nice. I felt like I could entrust this simple task... my mistake.
Sorry wasn't trying to imply you couldn't do the task, but sharing your frustration in trusting others to care for what you love and enjoy. I too am an engineer. ;) I agree that convenience is key many times, but since I run 7500 between changes and change filters midway on Mobile 1, I usually try and dig up some time on some weekend or evening to relax and take in the wonders of the bottom of my Frontier away from our screaming triplets. :)

A full change with filter with a beer while waiting for the pan and filter to drain and refill yields 5 quarts. At least the stealership didn't take your oil and run with it too. Well with that though the left over evidence is proof they cheated you. :(

BTW, on my first change I damn near had to use the ole screwdriver through the filter to get it off. I don't know what trunk monkey the factory uses to tighten them but damn it is tough through the small access opening to get it off. I think I would cry foul on them.
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Umm a free car wash doesn't displace the critical necessity of a oil filter. I hate stealerships that do crap like this. I hope they fry for doing shady actions like this. I never took our 2k5 in for any "free" service as I NEVER trusted them.

Screw factory ANYTHING and do it yourself where possible.

Good Luck!
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