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Davy Crockett, king of the wild frontier

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I grew tired of driving turbo subies so I traded for a truck. After much research I landed on the Pro-4x, and I have been really happy with it. We camp in the mountains near Boulder CO a lot, and I can't wait to try some trail driving. I'm interested in off road group rides and Moab trips!
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I had a Subaru Legacy GT, which has a WRX engine/drivetrain but a nice fat sedan body.
Really enjoying the smooth ample power coming from the 4.0 V6 in the Nissan. Last week I was The Transporter for 600lbs of pizza dough and I felt as cool as Jason Statham
Yep mine was a 2006, the 4th gen. I enjoyed the highway handling but the clutch was a little too stiff for relaxing city driving. It was good in the snow, but now I can drive up Mountains of snow! My son loves it when we slide the frontier in empty snowy parking lots and drive up big snow piles.

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Thanks, you're right:
This is a superb forum.

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