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Daily Desert Runner Build

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Hey everyone. I bought a 2000 Frontier Desert Runner with 167K miles on Memorial day weekend. I was really into the idea of the 4wd suspension, in the 2wd truck, and it runs like a top!

Required work:
Walker Sound FX Muffler
Walker Y Pipe
Custom CAT--Y Pipe intermediate pipe.
Fuel line flush (truck was sitting a while when I bought it)
Solution to holes in bed...
Rear Shocks
Remove and "reshape" rear bumper.
Valve stem in rear tire, oil & filter.

Emissions Nightmare!​
Knock Sensor Code- I knew I would have replace rater than relocate in order to pass emissions. So I bit the bullet and had Firestone pull the manifold and replace the knock. While they were in there, they said there was also
Idle Air Control Valve Code- Replaced the unit as well.

Drove the truck to the emissions shop- on my way the SES light comes back on for a MAF sensor!

Replace MAF..... No codes! Horray!

-NGK Spark Plugs-
-NGK Spark plug wires-
Changed spark plugs and wires. NOT #6. I was not confident, and the other 5 plugs looked "pretty good". The truck now runs like a dream, with noticeable more power and giddy up. However... it idles rough (Idle is bobbing up and down between 700-900) and now throws code for the IDAC again. My guess is that the clip for the IDAC has wiggled lose, or we knocked something lose during the plug install.
Anyways- in CT you can get an emissions waiver if you have spent more than $865 in an attempt to make the vehicle road worthy. With the Knock, IACV, MAF, and the custom intermediate exhaust pipe, I am at well over that $$.
So I will be getting a waiver in hopes to forego emissions crap like this for at least a full year.

Now the fun stuff:
I deconstructed a handful of pallets from my dads shop. Powerwashed the bed and sprayed bed liner paint on the awful rust holes to slow the cancer. I pieced together what is now the "bed liner". I used wood glue between the seams of the wood, and then put on 3 or 4 coats of poly.
This is certainly not a long term solution, and I would not recommend this if you ever plan to salvage the bed of your truck. I know mine was a lost cause, and I plan to turn it into a flat bed in the future ::wink::

-Plasti dip on the front grille-

-Removed cracked front fender flares-

-Westin Safari Light Bar-

-Gabriel Ultra Rear shocks-

-Summit Racing off road lights-

---Ebay Cold air intake ( Anyone else remove their evap canister that is below and behind the stock intake box?? My CAI only has 2 hoses coming from the front, and nothing from the rear.)
---Torsion Bar crank for front lift
--- 2" Blocks for rear
---New tires & Alignment
---New windshield
--- Ordered 1.5 inch spacers from Rugged rocks 12 days ago and haven't heard anything about their shipping. BOO. Waiting on these to do the lift, tires, alignment, etc.

Thanks for lookin!


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Hard to find...

Anyone know what the segment of pipe in the front-right of the picture here is?
It connects the drivers side CAT (which is bolted to the engine), and the Y pipe.
It is seemingly impossible to find! I had to get someone to weld an extension pipe from the CAT to the Y pipe.
This was about a 2 week process, and seriously delayed a lot of the build. I'm hoping to help other dudes on here in the future. The Walker Sound FX muffler, and Y pipe I bought on Shipped to my front door in 2 days for free, and impressive in quality. I would certainly recommend them for a quick quality fix. Not very loud or impressive sounding though :(


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