So I've got a bunch of things here that are up for sale. I had a buyer for the Morimotos (and suspension) that backed out at the last second so it's all up for grabs again/still/now. Prices are all negotiable within reason. Items are listed first, pictures below.

  1. $650 + shipping Morimoto xB LED headlights ($175+ discount compared to new via Z1Offroad, Amazon, $300 less than I paid). Work great, look great, don't need them. Want to use the money to pay for the bumper and suspension kit I already put on the truck and for future things. High power, high style, plug and play. Perfect working condition, all parts and instructions included. The box is 38 pounds so heavy but not super heavy. The box is quite large, though, which impacts shipping prices.
  2. $200 + shipping headlight retrofit kit ($50+ discount compared to new) I had bought this intending to install but didn't, and never even opened the box. I had filed for a return but didn't get a chance to mail it off apparently within the time window, and was denied said return. So now it's yours. Brand spanking new.
  3. $200 + shipping SumoSprings SSR-612-40 ($80+ discount compared to new). Used, purchased from another Club Frontier member last year. Worked great on my stock suspension but unneeded with my extra leaves in the back. I touched them up with some black enamel rust converter paint after scraping some surface rust off where the mounting plates had been chipped by some road debris previously. They do a great job helping carry the load without impacting ride quality when not loaded.
  4. $200 + shipping OEM Bilstein 4600 front coilovers and rear shocks. Taken off at 38,000 miles from my Pro-4X. Dusty and dirty but in perfect working order. Good for a bargain S, SV, or SL upgrade.
Pictures now. I'm including the website picture for the HIDProjectors since I haven't opened the box at all and will leave it sealed for the buyer. Pictures are in the same order as the listings above.

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