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Cylinder #2 misfire! help

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Ok, so heres my story. I just replaced my knock sensor and spark plugs on my 04 fronty v6 s/c. After getting everything back together i drove it around for that day and it ran like a champ. the next day i took it to work and felt a sputter around 2.5k rpm. before i used a scan tool i already knew what it was but no clue as to why. All the plugs are gapped properly and everything was re-assembled by the book after the knock sensor fun. all the wires are hooked up correctly and from what i can see there are no issues. in park @ the house i can rev though all rpm without a sputter at all but when i put a load on it (driving down the road) it bogs down when i give it to much gas and around 2.5k rpm's when accelerating. Im not sure what the cause is and im hoping that someone has a fresh idea me. if you know anything that can help, please let me know.

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check you plug wires again look for burnt marks,even inside the plug boot. check your cap and rotor.did you make sure #2 sparkplug was tight, if thats all good,when you put it back together did you make sure that you put the lower intake gasket on right. it's easy to put it on backwards, i've done it and it will make it run like crap. the problem your having sounds like a vacum leak. do you hear a hissing noise like it's sucking air when the motor idles
maybe Timming

Sounds like a timming thing. is that thing using vacume? Vacume leak will through off the timming and cause a bunch of other problems . What does the computer say? read it and see if any codes are pending? Make sure you didn't break the injector connector. Reset the computer and do a test run.
lol kinda ot.. but i did this kinda service on my nissan maxima.. everthing ran right outta the box, however after driving it a bit it began to misfire. Turns out that i didn't click in one of the coil pack connectors.
well, ive double checked the plug and wire and distributer cap. everything checks out on voltage and is on the money. i even tryed a new plug just incase. the gasket is on correctly even though that is understandable. I think it might be from the fuel injector. i think im smelling fuel every now and then but it could be my mind playing tricks on me. i think im gonna take the fuel rails back off and make the the o-rings on on straight. maybe one got crooked when i put them back on and that fuel injector is getting hung up. there is no fuel leak and im not hearing any kind of vaccume leak. it only bogs down when im giving it gas around 2.5k rpm and if i gas it i can feel it shutter a little. any other idea from personal experience would be more than helpfull. thanks
Two things I can think of

Let me know how you were using the truck before this happened and what the reason is that you replaced knok sensor. Did the engine ever get hot on you in the last year. Here's why. I drive my frontier from CA to PA and pulled a trailer that weighed more than the truck. Out side of Denver there is a 5 mile incline that destroys many a truck. Well I mad to PA and back 6 months later with no problem and I must have had an angel looking after me because I started to have the same problem your talking about. I took it to a reputable engine re-builder and he found a broken cylinder gasket and a cracked head. He welded the head back together because it's cheaper and rebuilt the motor with new pistons and a head job for 4,000. I got a bran new engine. At the time there were no used engines around and new ones were 6,000. This was on my 89 v6. I drove it for 250,000 miles before I got my 2001 for wholesale because I was a Nissan employee. Second thing is on my 2001 I did my own timing belt. Some how I don't know how, when I went to put on the new belt the marks on the wheels did not line up with the belt marks. I was totally confused. I had the right belt, so I moved the one cam gear enough to align the belt. After putting it all back together I had the same problem you are talking about around 2000 3000 rpm it missed. I disassembled it and moved the cam 1 tooth and it fixed it. It's been a joy ever since. That's the second time I did my own belt. I hope this helps. Get back to me after you have a compression test on #2. Could have a burnt value too.
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well for anyone that might want to know. after checking everything possible i found the problem! after i did my knock sensor job i must have put the fuel lines on and messed something up. the rubber o-ring that sits between the lower intake manifold and the fuel injector somehow got crooked. when i took the fuel lines back off i pulled the o-ring out and you could se where when i tightened it on becuase the o-ring was ripped and a flap of it was towards the bottom of the injector. I had no fuel leak so it was really tough to find out what went wrong. after checking everything from the distributer cap to the end of the plug i realized there was nothing wrong there.i double checked every vaccume hose and attachment and had no leaks or no sound from a leak. this left 1 last option which might be wrong. . the fuel. i already had a new fuel filter and i know the pump wasnt bad so i went straight to the fuel rails and injectors and found the problem. moral of the story is. if you have repaired your vehicle aroun d the fuel lines and are now having a misfire, check the small things, o-rings, injectors or even a hose around the fuel rails. hope this helps someone out there.
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