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Custom Thule Rack Using Utili-Track

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I was looking for a way to make more space in my bed when going on snowboarding trips. So I decided to come up with a rack that i would be able to mount the snowboards to and be able to slide all my gear underneath.

Anyway this is what i came up with.... Note the bike racks are just there for show, im selling them and will be putting snowboard attachments on for winter, and i have the bar pads for my surfboards.

I used thule LB58 load bars, some brackets and wing nuts from Mcmaster. . Any thule attachment will hook up to this.

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Nice! Do you have a link where you got the mcmaster brackets and hardware? I might steal part of your idea for something I'd like to make.
how much did the set coat you ??
i think this cost me like 40 bucks tops because i had to buy the 58" Thule loadbars.

bringing this thread back... what type of brackets and such did you use for the u track ??

I used the #11 brackets on this page:
McMaster-Carr i used the 3 1/2 inch tall ones

i thought i remember getting stainless but i guess not, i spray painted them black and they havn't rusted at all. Ill get some upclose pics of the actual way it mounts.

we rocked it like this up to VT this past weekend, it was sweet being able to lock up gear in the bed and also kept all our bags and boots from getting soaked in the monsoon on the drive home.

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how did the brackets bolt up to the utrack?

this is an awesome incognito setup haha i just wanna figure out how exactly you did it. so i can go through and order the parts needed

It is super sturdy and like i said i drove over 7 hours with it packed full of gear and it didn't budge.
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1 - 3 of 13 Posts
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