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Sold: Custom Power Sliding Rear Window Setup

The time has come to sell the Frontier. The family doesnʻt fit comfortably with the baby seat behind the passenger seat...with that said I bought an Xterra and love it. So most of my mods are swapping over except this one cannot. Please see the link below for a fuller description. The unit was fully functional when I removed it. It is a completely custom setup that I put together based off of a thread from TW. For the most part it is plug and play. I would do some things to improve the cosmetic appearance such as plasti-dip the aluminum and plexi piece that is visible and mounts to the window. There is 1) an angle iron that mounts via 3 screws to the truck. I used an angle iron so that I could screw vertically and not horizontally into face of the window. 2) The power window channel mounts via threaded bolts to the angle iron. 3) The motor mounts via 3 self tapping screws into the jack area. 4) A little plasti dip on the aluminum and plexi and 5) cutting the OEM plastic. I can walk the purchaser through install but I would prefer to sell to a diy-er who is comfortable trouble shooting these kinds of things.

Install will require:
1) that you cut about 1/4" channel off of your rear plastic piece
2) that you relocate your jack because the motor mounts in that space

The motor is from a Honda Ridgeline and it had to be modified to fit.
I will post more pictures later but pictures can be seen on the thread

I paid $70 for the motor and had to get two aluminum pieces custom milled. Mostly trying to get what money I have into it.

Asking $75 shipped

PM with questions.

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