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Custom Light Bar

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still learning how to post pics but here are some pics of my light bar. let me know what you guys think.


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Sunroof still work with those lights mounted there?
Since they are so low to the roof do they even light up much in front of the truck?
i can slide the sunroof back but unfortunately i cant angle it up. thats fine cause i dont use it much in the angle open spot any way. it lights up plenty in front. i did mount it a little too far back for my liking but whats done is done.
why did you use an OEM cross bar with mighty mounts would look cleaner that way IMO
I wanted everything to look as low profile and stock as possible. i also wanted to keep all the wires hidden inside the tubing.
is it unnecessarily large diameter tubing for the job at hand? probably. does it look good? thats personal opinion.

I like your ingenuity, so thumbs up on that. :thumbup:

Personally, I would have drilled into a stock cross bar and run the wires through there. Would have accompilshed the same effect with hidden wires while being a slightly lower profile, and would have kept the sunroof tilt feature usable.

I'm assuming that its fixed at this point and cant be slid forward?
its fixed to the cross bar. i thought about using the stock cross bar but i wanted to prevent theft as well. the stock cross bars on mine dont lock in place. i am thinking about two more lights on top.
I like your ingenuity,

BUT since you can't use the sunroof fully I don't like it. Have you seen the Xoskel Light Bars?
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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