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This is more along the lines of, what would I do with 3 wishes? I can always find something to play with, given the right tools. For the moment, I'm having a hard time finding the right switch panel for me to finish wiring my LED lights. I've thought about making my own, but I'm limited to the materials I can find, and the tools at my disposal. I'm very OCD, and it would have to be all lined up perfectly... with nothing but hand tools, its hard to do. My next tool purchase will be a drill press, hopefully that will help with some of my projects. At least when it comes to getting holes lined up properly. Ive looked into several different possible places to put the panel up. One involves being mounted in the overhead console replacing the glasses case. Having some sort of box protruding at an angle to have the switches facing you.
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Something like this, but with a Nissan, or Frontier, Or Navara logo. Not necessarily backlit, but cut out with a color matched background...

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Imagine this, but mounted from the overhead and angled appropriately.

I've thought about making a fairing to put up on the front of my roof rack, one that has some lettering cut into it. I've seen some GMC trucks with a roll bar that has the model name cut into a side panel, and the backing being matched to the body color. Thought of doing something similar to that, but adapting it to the Frontier. Then theres a custom grille I'd end up playing with eventually.

These are all just fun ideas that I'd play with if I had access to the right equipment.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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