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Current Owner in Alabama

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Bought my 2008 SE King Cab new and my daughter now owns a 2010 SE crew Cab - my stereo has already been replaced and now working on my daughter's
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Welcome, where abouts in AL are ya?
Welcome to the forum

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Welcome to the club!
Live in the Huntsville area
that's cool that you have a frontier family going, i've already promised my truck to my daughter when she turns 16. i've got a little while since she will only be 10 this summer, but i fully expect to have my truck driving like the day it was new. it doesn't hurt that i keep deploying to iraq for a year at a time, no wonder i have a 3 1/2 year old truck with 22k on the odometer
Welcome to CF. Love to see Nissan families.
My son drives an 03 Frontier, my wife had an 05 Pathfinder til we sold it, my dad just bought a 2010 Altima, and gave his 06 Sentra to my daughter. Will probably get my wife a new Xterra later this year. She is driving my daughter's car til she gets her license later this year
In addition to mine and my daughters Frontier my wife drives a Rogue and my other daughter drives an Altima. All of these vehicles replaced our previous Nissan trucks / cars.
Welcome. B'ham, AL here
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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