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So, I had been wanting to get an Android ready HU for some time and eventually settled on the Kenwood DDX 9703S. With Android Auto, I do not need Navigation. The Excelon series would be nice, and I sometimes think I should have gone that way, but no biggie.

That said, I hated the startup screen (the Kenwood Logo) and longed for my Nissan logo, once again!! Step one of this mod, therefore is: Find a Logo or background you can live with. Requirements include:
- 800X480
- BMP format
- 16 bit
- R5 G6 B5

To be frank, if you don't know how to get to here, this mod is probably not for you, as your image will not display properly.
save this file to an unused USB stick.

Now, create the initialization file named OpeningCustomize.txt containing the text shown below. This file must be created using Notepad. Linux-style line returns will not work. Make sure to change your_file_name.bmp to your actual bitmap image file name.

Opening Customize

you are half way there, and the hard part is done!!

Now to load the imagefile. On your Kenwood deck, go into Standby mode.
While in Standby, enter the following sequence:
- two taps upper left corner
- two taps lower left corner
- one tap upper left corner
- One tap lower left corner

If you did it right, you should have entered the customization menu.

Insert your USB into one of the USB sockets at this time.
Wait for the light to stop blinking.
Choose "Opening Customize" - you may have to do this step twice!

If all goes well, it will say "Ok" make sure to wait for the light on your USB to stop blinking!!!

Power off and on and you should see your new logo!!!

Be safe!!
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