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CTS Spindles are not that strong

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too the truck out to do some lite testing and broke a spindle ill have pics up soon. :thatswck:
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^true. RRP had a huge fallout.
Like 5 speed said they are 4 inch lift spindle, I think they should be cut down 2 inchs. I knwo Greg at PRG cut down his CST spindles.
and if you look at it it moves the center of the hub down 4", just because its called a 4" lift spindle does not mean its actually 4" longer. thats why its only for 2wd's because where the axle would come out is now your lower piviot point. I really don't think cst would change the geometry of the piviots, when all there are doing in the first place is lowering the hub on the spindle.
I know it moved the hubs down, but I believe the spindle is longer.. I can't run them because I'm 4wd. But From the ones I have seen they look longer..

Serrated are you strapping it to keep the ball joints from binding?
that your problem the the lower ball joint is binding and puting to mush pressure on your Spindle. that kit was never made to pull more then 15 inches.
Ok, well I think it is time to clear some items up. The truck pulls 17 metal to metal, I think it is limited right around 15-16 inches of travel. However inches don't mean **** it is that it is properly bumped and strapped at areas where it will bind. The bumps are mounted in the right spot limiting the upper arm before it hits the core support. If we ditched the upper we could actually bump it higher before the upper or lower arms bind. The truck has limit straps on well before the shock full droops out. Also this is well before the lower ball joint binds. It honestly is a weak design with a lot of leverage on where the ball joint attaches to the spindle and as you can see when this it used (once on the madden voyage on a built truck) they failed.

As far as the spindles needing to be cut down, NO. They are built accordingly to the high spread of the stock upper arm and lower arm mounting points on the frontier and titans to accommodate a 4" lift. If you where to cut the spindle down with the stock mounting points you would have a nasty camber curve...

As far as the bumps being mounted in the wrong spot, NO. A bump it so limit travel! This is what we have it doing and it is hitting in the correct spot on the arm, the small plate that is added to the arms from muzzula. As far as the arm denting, well when you have a barely 1/8 plate boxed arm with no internal gussets it is bound to happen. Now the front shocks could use more compression but the arm should not collapse 1/2" due to the bump.

Are there any more critiques you would like to make of Vince’s truck? I am happy to answer them.
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well done Bradly

u gonna bring my new fenders into work tomorrow right :chainsaw:
On another note, do spindles make the front wheels stick out farther than the back wheels? Ive looked through EVERY spindle lift thread and still cant tell.
On another note, do spindles make the front wheels stick out farther than the back wheels? Ive looked through EVERY spindle lift thread and still cant tell.
yes they push the wheels out an inch.
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