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CTS Spindles are not that strong

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too the truck out to do some lite testing and broke a spindle ill have pics up soon. :thatswck:
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Where did it break? The only real weak point I can think of is the smaller snout. How exactly did it break...was there a hard hit into a rock or booby trap?

I am completely rebuilding my front end; but for other reasons. I did not really see the spindles really being the weak point. The upper arm mounts, and lower cross member were more my concerns.
You broke a spindle under lite testing? I guess I have to wait for pics. Has TO broken a spindle yet? I know the stockers get bent but the CTS, thats a new one on me.

Side Note: Are you sure they are the real CTS spindles and not the chine knockoffs?
I have only broke a few minor things; other than my wheel snapping in half I have yet to have a major failure. But keep this in mind; my truck is barely built at all and I drive within it's limits. When you go from a fairly stock to fully built truck it takes a while to learn your vehicles limits. The rear end on Serrated's truck exceeds the limitations of what the front is capable of; that was known well before the truck even got built.

There are a million reasons as to why the spindle could have failed...from manufacturer error in fabrication to bumps not being set up properly. I would really like to see where the spindle failed and here how it happened.
I would really like to see some pictures of this...

Also, again; what exactly were you doing when this occurred?
cool, thanks. I am real curious to see the damage....then try to figure out how to fix the issue before it happens.
Stay the fu(k away from RRP! He converted ONE cst spindle to use a uniball instead of stock balljoint..that's all.

As for the spindle, the best method is to relocate your upper arm to mount on the frame and cut the spindle down accordingly. The spindle being as tall as it is causes a lot of issues.
1 - 5 of 51 Posts
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